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Por el Aire
Eleonora Eubel + Trio

“Por el aire” Edit. Acqua, AQ287 - is her fourth and latest release, in which she features songs written in Spanish and Mapuche, the language of the original inhabitants of Patagonia, South - America.

The songs, the solos and the improvisation of her voice and the instruments forgather in a melodious snapshot the musical landscape of North America and the “Patagonia”, hence the title.

Based on South American traditional rhythms and the all embracing jazz vocabulary, she sings accompanied by some of the most remarkable, talented and innovative musicians of the local jazz scene: Enrique Mendoza, from Colombia, on guitar, arrangements, and composition. Julián Montauti from Venezuela, on double bass and from Argentina, Carto Brandán on drums. Once again convened as a distinguished guest, the renowned Enrique Norris on the horn, who already participated on Eubel's previous album "Esthesia".

The recording took place in Buenos Aires on November 2009. Amongst the 11 tracks featured, the album includes versions of two great North American composers such as Horace Silver and John Scofield with spanish lyrics by Eleonora Eubel. A piece by the Venezuelan composer Simon Díaz, compositions of her colleague Enrique Mendoza, and various works signed by Eubel.

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Tracks: “Por el aire”

1. Viento Sur, “Southern Wind” (on MySpace) 03: 49 Lyrics Player Preview !
2. Una mujer y una gallina, “The woman and the chicken”
(on MySpace) 04: 33
Lyrics Player Preview !
3. El Becerrito, “The litle calf”, tonada llanera, traditional tune from Venezuela, (music & lyrics by Simón Díaz) 03:29 Lyrics Player Preview !
4. Encantamiento, “Enchantment” (music: Horace Silver & lyrics: E. Eubel)
04: 58 Lyrics
5. Pacha, “Mother - earth” (Pacha - mama: from the original laguages Aymara and Quechua) 04: 17 Lyrics
6. Conjuro, “Invocation” (Dere-gndé) 04: 03 Lyrics
7. Aída 04:54 Lyrics
8. Sumercé me quiere, “You love me” (music: Kike Mendoza & lyrics: E. Eubel)
05: 53 Lyrics
9. Ñamkupangui (from Mapuche: lion - eagle) 03: 28 Lyrics
10. Te sigo “I´ll catch you” (music: John Scofield & lyrics: E. Eubel)
(on MySpace) 06: 04
11. Currulao, “Currulao”: traditional dance from Colombia (music: Kike Mendoza & lyrics: Ricardo Ramos) 04: 01 Lyrics

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9: music & lyrics by Eleonora Eubel.

Enrique Mendoza: guitarra, arreglos y composición
Julián Montauti: contrabajo
Carto Brandán: batería
Eleonora Eubel: voz y composición
Invitado, Enrique Norris: corneta

Recorded in Buenos Aires - Argentina
At Estudio Casa Frida:

Recording: Hernán Caratozzolo, on November 2009.
Edition and recording voices: Mariano Cuello, on February 2010.
At Moma Recording Studios:
Mix & Master: Fernando Martínez, on April 2010.