Full Moon - Lyrics

Waiting for a message
Blown in the wind,
Looking for an answer
Drawn in your skin ;
I find nothing
But secrets or signs,
´Cause the clue is hiding
Between the lines.

Slow it down, I just can´t
Go that fast, go that far,
You´re way too far ahead,
Don´t leave me behind.
Running for your love...

Watching the footsteps
You´ve left in the sand
And the words of a letter
Written on your hand.
I´m following the route,
Which takes me to the line,
Where the sorrow ends
And your heart is mine.

lyrics & music by Eleonora Eubel
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Black mirror, tell me who´s my lover?
Black mirror, say, where´s he!
Black mirror, is it just another
Big error, does he want me?
Please answer, ´cause I´m in a hurry!
I´m not the youngest; don´t you see?
If you don´t speak, I quit, I´m very sorry!
What´s it gonna be?.

My dreams are gone,
And I´m still alone,
Like a movie queen
Out of time.
Don´t need too much,
Don´t get me goin´as such,
But a good man´s somethin´hard to find.
I need to fall
In love, that´s all;
To see myself in his face.
No mirrors,
No questions for a while,
When love is taking place!.
Black mirror, speak to me!
What´s it gonna be?...

lyrics & music by Eleonora Eubel
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PEQUENINO (One for Eddie)
Eddie goes for a ride,
Eddie want´s to run fast, more gas!.
A brand new suit, he combs his hair.
The girls will twist and shout , wow!
One picture, one autograph, one more, please;
One picture, one autograph, one more, please!

Eddie blows his trombone,
The music flows to your heart; it beats!.
A brand new hit, a simple song.
The girls will twist and shout, wow!
One picture.....

Late nite show on TV.
His image in black and white, he shines!.
A brand new joke, the audience laughs.
All the boys start to shout, wow!
One picture... , Come on Eddie, go blow!.

lyrics by Eleonora Eubel & music by Guillermo Bazzola
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Jack the Ripper´s back on the road ;
They say he´s got a knife and a coat.
His nails are shiny, his face looks dark.
Flown out from movies, he strolls the park.
He´s Jack the Ripper and he´s got no heart,
That´s a piece he sometimes takes apart.
He´s Jack the Ripper from toe to head.
You better stay warm and safe in bed !

So dance, before the party´s over or gets too loud,
Dance, until the pale moon slips behind the clouds.
Sleep and dream a dream of kisses in red and blue,
Now close your eyes and think...
He might be standing in front of you.

lyrics & music by Eleonora Eubel

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Once the day is over
And the summer sky turns blue.
I can hear the silence;
There is no one else but me and you.
I´m still on my feet,
Singing my child to sleep, I whisper
Peaceful tunes and stories,
No more fights for glory, now listen to me...

Don´t have to look back,
Darkness is not that black.
Baby follow me,
Look around you´re free,
Just fly, darling try!.

Baby spreads his wings wide,
Taking to the moon that burns like fire.
Innocent but clever,where the angels fly
He´s flying higher.
I see him against the light,
Dreaming through the night, he´s playing
Next to winds and clouds,
Holy men in crowds, they´re praying...

lyrics & music by Eleonora Eubel

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