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Full Moon

We may be looking at the moon, or la luna, singing chacarera or bebop, saying I love you or te amo…, the differences are just matters of language. The fact is that setting the words aside, folks here like Gershwin, Zawinul or Armstrong, while folks over there like Atahualpa Yupanqui, Piazzola or Goyeneche. I can say for myself and for the musicians who accompany me, that we are enraptured by the idiom of music. Where it may come from. Always from the ear to the heart and back, that is where it generates itself and where it deposites itself, delicatelly and definitely.

Eleonora Eubel


REVIEWS: Full Moon
Eleonora Eubel + Trio

01 - Running for your love   (03:56)  Lyrics Player Preview !
02 - It ain't necessarily so   (03:14)  
03 - Good morning heartache   (05:54)  
04 - Black mirror   (03:03)  Letra
05 - One for Eddie (Pequenino)   (02:16) *  Lyrics
06 - Speak low   (02:14)  
07 - Love for sale   (04:38) Player Preview !
08 - Jack de Ripper   (03:28)  Lyrics
09 - Cry me a river   (05:56)  
10 - Caravan   (03:51)  
11 - Cradle song   (03:51)  Lyrics
12 - Nature boy   (04:29)  
13 - Bye, Bye Blackbird   (01:02 / BonusTrack)  


EUBEL + Trio: Guillermo Bazzola: guitar, Fernando Galimany: contrabass, Oscar Giunta: drums
Guests: Rodrigo Domínguez: saxophone, Yeye López: percussion, Eduardo Manentti: trombone, Jorge Navarro: piano, Rodolfo Paccapelo and Roberto Tormo: contrabass

Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Recording Studio, from October 1999 to Feb. 2000 by Hugo Campos
Produced by: Osvaldo Schulrufer and Eleonora Eubel
Photography: Federico "Grillo" Frontini, Enrique Abbate and Nora Barretto
Graphic design: Damian Leibovich