Esthesia - Lyrics
Eleonora Eubel + Trio

1. Mr. Devil Number Six
(Eleonora Eubel)

Mr. Devil Number Six plans our future,
He designs our destiny
And decides on our little, little lives!
He gets our money while drinking cocktails
And keeps his diamonds
Under seven locks, in a Jamaican Bank!
Chorus: Hey, Number Six!
Your end is near! Your end is near!
Your end is near! Your end!
Buenos Aires, on the 20th of December,
He´s watching devastation from afar
Is it just another night?

(This song is dedicated to the IMF)

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2. Endless night
(Guillermo Bazzola & Eleonora Eubel)

Follow my thoughts, my obsession is you.
In the air, you´ll be there,
you´ll float somewhere.
In a silent sound,
that knows how deep my blues can be.
Stay next to me, my posession is you.
Tender tune, oh, how clear! I´ll keep you near.
My old scales are slow,
they murmur notes of hate and love
Chorus: The night becomes an endless fight.
I´ve found the way to speak about you and me.
No words, no lies...;
the sun is rising for another song!

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4. El Frente “Vital”
(Eleonora Eubel)

I swear, that day he had
No gun in his hands!
A chemical silence invaded me
And when they pulled the trigger,
I prayed it would hit me! Suddenly!
That morning he had said:
I can't understand!
Why shouldn't I share my loot, why not?
When I pull the trigger,
I suddenly feel free, suddenly!
Chorus: He was killed in our neighborhood,
Now they say he's like Robin Hood!
The newspapers omit our reality.
To die young and famous!
Well, I guarantee, If you pull that trigger,
Believe me,
you won't feel free, so suddenly!

(Being unarmed, young Victor Frente Vital was brought down by 150 members of the police force. (February 1999). As many in his same situation, he lived in the fringes and was executed. His mother, Sabina Sotello, is part of the Coordinating Organization against Police Repression.)

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5. Who´s that woman?
(Eleonora Eubel)

Who's that woman, barefoot and shy?
She works until seven and wakes up at five.
She calls for her children forgotten in the sand.
She dreams about comfort, perfumes and silky hands.
Never bought a lipstick, never read a book,
Doesn't know where to go! Who's that woman?
Who's that woman, barefoot and shy?
She works for seven and earns only five.
She calls for her salary sunken in the sand.
She dreams about justice, judges with clean hands.
Never bought a lipstick, never read a book,
Doesn't know where to go!
Who's that woman? She's that woman!
She's too young and too old, the woman with a glint
Of moonlight on her shoulders and a smile of gold!
Por Benita, la empleada doméstica cuyo único capital eran
sus dientes de oro...
To Benita, the housemaid whose only asset were her
golden teeth...

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6. Kultrun
(Eleonora Eubel)

Kultrun, master of the hearts,
You speak to the lions
You keep our souls for the fight!
Kultrun, master of the hearts
You speak to our children,
You turn shadows into light!
Kultun, master of the hearts,
Panguithruz Güor
Grows again in the wild!
Chorus: Mari, mari, lamien!
Our feet start to dance,
Mari, mari, Lamien!
Our eyes start to see,... Hayñay!

(Kultrun: Small instrument of invocation of the Araucanian Indians. Chief Panguithruz Güor, also known as Mariano Rosas died in August of 1877. His desecrated remains could only be returned to his land one hundred and twenty-three years later. Another of the many abuses against the Mapuche people)

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7. Orchid, the healer
(Eleonora Eubel)

Orchid lives in a house made of tin and stones,
Surrounded by tall pines and next to the sea.
Her husband's picture or maybe her son's,
Hanging from the kitchen-wall,
So helplessly!
All bones and white hair, she eats like a bird.
Her sermon is music,
her temple is the field.
It belongs to no one, it's just part of the land,
That once belonged to no one,
was in nobody's hands.
There she wants to lie down,
to go to sleep forever, then wake up one day
Wearing wings and feathers…
She reads tea leaves and speaks to the wind.
She's healing me!

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9. Yavoray-head
(Eleonora Eubel)

This is not your jungle,Yavoray-head.
This is the city, got what I´ve said?
Nobody hears you, nobody sees;
Walkman instead of tropical trees...
You bought yourself a new soul
For only two dollars
And a TV set to watch “Big Brother”
Nobody hears you, nobody sees;
Big stores instead of tropical trees...
Chorus: This is my warning,
You still don´t know! You still don´t know!
Yavoray- head, you better don´t know!.
You come from a good home, I live in the street,
Go back to where you belong,
Don´t follow my feet!
Nobody hears you, nobody sees;
Subways instead of tropical trees...

(Yavoray: Guarani for tangle or mess.“Yavoray Head”
means a hard or messed-up-headed person. In Argentina, a country of 36 million inhabitants, 12 million live in the Greater Buenos Aires area, with the rest of the population spreading throughout 1 million, 73 thousand square miles)

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10. Daylight
(Eleonora Eubel)

Some hundred lives ago
I was a drop of water,
As light as a million others.
And when we faced the sun
To celebrate the daylight,
We used to shine, each daylight!
Chorus: I still miss falling upside down
From the sea to the sky,
From the clouds to the trees...
Some hundred lives ago
I was a drop of water.
This little drop you see,
was just like me!

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