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Critics: PRESS / album "Full Moon" by Eleonora Eubel

By David R. Adler

Eleonora Eubel (Ind.)
Argentinian vocalist Eleonora Eubel is in fine form on this independent release.
… She’s also an exceptional songwriter, leading off with the Joni Mitchell-esque “Running for your love” and going on to include other inviting tracks like “Black Mirror” and the brooding “Cradle Song”.
… Eubel’s versatility also comes trough on three tracks in which she’s accompanied by only one instrument: guitar on “Good morning heartache”, bass on “Speak low” and –most unusual off all- drums on an abbreviated “Bye, bye blackbird”.
… She also communicates a light-hearted sense of fun throughout the session – most explicitly at the end of “Black mirror”, when she breaks into spontaneous laughter. Recommended.

By David Rickert

Some of the most original and vibrant Jazz played today comes not from New York or Chicago but rather from a much warmer climate: Latin America. Musicians such as pianist Adrian Iaies and guitarist Guillermo Bazzola are taking the idioms of America’s so-called classical music and infusing it with new life via a Latin sensibility, creating arresting and haunting records of great beauty. Add to this list Eleonora Eubel, a talented singer who can not only interpret standards with delicacy and taste, but also has a knack for writing original compositions that fit in comfortably with the canon.
…Eubel’s sumptuous and robust vocals to come to the foreground. Eubel is quite a singer; she can swing like mad by relaxing the beat a bit and has a pitch you could tune a piano to.
…Confident in her abilities, Eubel runs trough “Speak low” backed solely by Roberto Tormo’s jumpy bass lines. This is a fantastic album by a talented singer and composer who has a lot yet to offer us.

By P. Wessel
From Cuadernos de Jazz/Spain - March 2001

About Full Moon
Dear reader:
Even if you don’t buy this album, notice the singer’s name, Eleonora Eubel. She has an excellent voice, good register, capacity for swing, feeling and talent for the interpretation of great and sometimes tragic ballads.
… But the Argentinean singer does not allow herself to be impressed: she appears hurt, proud and defiant in “Cry me a river”, intimate and sensuous in “Speak low”, ironic and fatalistic in “Good morning heartache”; arrogant, disdainful and able of planting doubt in “It ain’t necessarily so”.
…However it is obvious she identifies even more with songs she has taken from her own life, and with her devotion and humor, manages not to let them pale at all next to such famous compositions. The album has been recorded in a studio, but has a very clublike atmosphere.

By Andrés Casak
From TERRA/Interview (spanish only)

By César Pradines / La Nación
14th. of January 2001
-Eubel and Fernández, two good Jazz singers-
… In “Full Moon”, Eubel shows she is one of the most experienced singers on stage. This is noticeable in her album in which she moves comfortably from the slow tempos to the faster ones. Her register flows, specially in the high notes. A vital singer who brings to her compositions an attempt to reflect her inner world.

By Ricardo Saltón / Ambito Financiero - Novenber 2000
-Austerity as a virtue-
“Technically she exhibits mastery of her voice, a good English accent and a through knowledge of Jazz standards, Blues and Bossa”.
… “And this way of singing, much more straight, with no special effects, places her on the highest level. She looks relaxed amused by her performance and in a tune with her companion [guitar-player Guillermo Bazzola].
All of this shows that many good things can be done with just a voice and a guitar”

By Miguel Russo / XXIII Magazine - November 2000
-Full Moon (* * * *)

“One of the riskiest jobs in the musical arena in Argentina is to explore Jazz. But even more dangerous is to sing Jazz. Eleonora Eubel does it superbly.
… She stands out as one of the best voices of contemporary Jazz. Something to appreciate and enjoy. She has her shows at “Te Mataré Ramírez” and the “Café de las Malas Artes”