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About: "Espejos de agua" ("Mirrors of water")

La Nación, Supl. ADN Cultura - By Pablo Gianera Nov. 10, 2007. Full review in (Spanish)

...and she just published Espejos de agua, with lyrics in Spanish sprinkled with references to the Mapuche language which, in spite of its singularity, preserves the basis for Jazz: improvisation.

Argentjazz - By Fernando Ríos - Albums: full review in: (Spanish)

…Eleonora Eubel doesn't quit in continuing with her message and prints Espejos de agua another unquestionable showing of her talent and good taste as a singer and composer. Espejos de Agua is an attractive spectrum of music for alert ears. Without prejudice and with a focus that doesn't escape from risks. Passion and freedom, nothing less.

"La Otra Campana", By Osvaldo Croce - Oct. 12, 2007.
An album to be listened to without treading on the thin ice of prejudice. These "Mirrors of water" , just like "Esthesia" are destined to be discovered gradually. They surely will become "cult" material…"

(Noticias Argentinas) By Pablo Waisberg - Espectáculos - Jazz -"Espejos de agua"- Oct. 7, 2007.
Eleonora Eubel has a very beautiful voice, polished to the point of obsession, and such courage as to allow herself to sing Jazz in Spanish and to come out with flying colors in melodies which would put more than one in a tight spot.

La Nación - Planeta Jazz - By César Pradines - Sep 22, 2007.

In this third album, the artist makes a phenomenal turn in her history and tackles a decidedly testimonial tone in her compositions. An interesting proposal because of the artist's unrefusable search for identity.