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Eleonora Eubel

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 11th of December 1951.
She is the only child of María Elena Lus, a music teacher. Her father: Hans K. Eubel was a German immigrant who arrived in Argentina as a refugee at the beginning of World War II, and then returned to Argentina in 1948 attracted by a peaceful country, far from the consequences of war and bombing. At age 25 she met her first husband, a photographer and political activist, which had been arrested (He spent 4 years in jail) due to political reasons, Federico "Grillo" Frontini. In 1977 she moved with her husband from Buenos Aires to Bariloche in a sort of self exile. Later, back in Buenos Aires, she divorced in 1995 and met her present husband, Raúl Francés, in the same year. Her son Lucas Eubel Frontini, studies contrabass at the Trinity College of London. Nowadays, she is performing songs whose lyrics are stories are about real people living in underdeveloped Latin-America.

Acting and musical training:

Degree in Stage Design, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Two years at the Actors Training Studio directed by Martin Adjemian.
Singing, vocalization and interpretation with Lucy Savorido and Mariela Juni.
Piano lessons with Jorge Navarro and Guillermo Romero.

Musical career:

Eleonora Eubel started her carrier as a singer in various based rock & blues bands in Buenos Aires during the late seventies. Later, while living at the southern ski-resort of Bariloche, she got involved in the local Jazz scene and started including jazz and pop material in her singing repertoire.
Back in Buenos Aires she joined several pop groups as singer and lyricist. She has worked with several important jazz musicians from Argentina such as Walter Malossetti and Manuel Fraga, at concerts and jam sessions.
In 1992 she joined the Fenix Jazz Band - well known locally for its Jazz interpretations since 1973 - took part in the Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival in the USA and recorded with the band the album "Vol. 9". Since 1993 she has been the lead vocalist of the Creole Jazz Band, created in 1967. She had weekly shows at the historic Café Tortoni, (from 1992 to 2001) and performed in the local theater and club circuit.
She started leading her own Jazz & Blues trio, the “Eubel + Trio”, with Guillermo Bazzola on guitar, Fernando Galimany on acoustic bass and Diego Lutteral on drums. With these musicians she performed "From Billie Holiday to Natalie Cole" and "Espejos Negros" ("Black Mirrors").
On October 2000 she presented "Full Moon" the first album under her own name. Her main collaborator on the project was guitarist and fellow Argentinean Bazzola, who did many of the arrangements. In widely varying ensemble contexts, Eubel offered an engaging menu of standards and originals, sung in English.
Accompanied by musicians of the new generation, on April 2003 Eubel presented her second solo album called "Esthesia”. With songs composed by Eubel, Argentine reality became one more element of this project. This album has the support of Amnesty International.

Without leaving aside the interpretative freedom that jazz, whether traditional or contemporary has provided, Eubel takes rhythms and sounds from South America to bring us her next projects. Now she sings in Spanish: at “Espejos de Agua” (Mirrors of Water) - 2006 - and “Por el aire” (Through the air) her last release, edited in Buenos Aires by Aqua Records, on Dec. 2010.


YANG - "Tu biología está rara" - DGC 203 / 1987 Bandas:
FENIX JAZZ BAND - "Fenix Jazz Band, Vol.9" - R-2070/ 1992
CREOLE JAZZ BAND - "Creole Touch" - Epsa Music 16010/ 1994
CREOLE JAZZ BAND - "Sabor Creole" - Epsa Music 16050/ 1999
ELEONORA EUBEL - "Full Moon" - EU101/ 2000
ELEONORA EUBEL- "Esthesia" - EU102/ 2002
ELEONORA EUBEL "Espejos de agua" - PAI 3092 / 2006
ELEONORA EUBEL “Por el aire” - AQ 287/ 2010
"Open Dreams" - Slam Productions (U.K.) / 2005
"Buenos Aires Jazz y Otras Músicas" - GobBsAs / 2004
"10°Festival de Jazz de Sta. Fé" - Univ. Nac.del Litoral / 2007
As guest:
Iwana Masaki - "Esperanza de pobre" / 1997
Marcelo Lupis - "Shhhh" / 2006
Jorge Zima - "Equilibrio inestable" / 2008
Proyecto LCB - Tango Alternativo Contemporáneo / 2010