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Eleonora Eubel + Trio

Esthesia: Opposed to anesthesia, capacity for sensation and feeling, the state of feeling, or of being sensible.

Buenos Aires Herald
Friday, January 30, 2004
The ability to feel and sing
by Alfredo Cernadas for the Herald

With the backup of a distinguished group of the new generation musicians, the argentine jazz singer and composer Eleonora Eubel presents her second solo album, Esthesia (as opposed to anesthesia, therefore a capacity to feel). The album has the support of Amnesty International, for Eubel is an artist involved in several social issues related to human rights, especially of the downtrodden in Latin America.

The disc includes tracks mostly composed by her and dedicated to the IMF (Mr. Devil Number Six); to Víctor "El Frente" Vital, a young man, a shantytown resident who was gunned down by the police in ´99 (El Frente Vital); Benita, the chambermaid whose only capital were her golden teeth (Who´s that woman?); an cymbal with which the Araucanian indians called their ancestors (Kultrun), an old healer woman (Orchid, The healer); Yavoray-Head, a Guarani word for hard headed, obstinate, like the millions of people who live in substandard conditions, and others, plus songs by Stevie Wonder (The Secret Life Of Plants) and Ann Ronnell (Willow Weep For Me).

Eubel sings in English not only because she can speak the language but also because it´s the language of jazz, and she sounds as authentic as the best, with the expert backing of a group that includes guitar, bass, drums and trumpet.

Eleonora Eubel

This album has the support of Amnesty International; in their own words: "Any initiative that sensitizes and educates about the equality and rights we all have, well deserves our company and support".

About Esthesia:

Eleonora Eubel + Trio

1. Mr. Devil Number Six (Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
2. Endless night
(Guillermo Bazzola & Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
3. Willow weep for me
(Ann Ronell)
4. El Frente “Vital”
* (Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
5. Who´s that woman?
(Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics Player Preview !
6. Kultrun
** (Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics Player Preview !
7. Orchid, the healer
(Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
8. The secret life of plants
(Stevie Wonder)
9. Yavoray-head
*** (Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
10. Daylight
(Eleonora Eubel)  Lyrics
11. Bonus track - Willow weep for me
(Live at “Radio Jazz”, Studio: Radio Nacional - Bs. As., Argentina / Oct. 2001 / Eleonora Eubel voz/voice; Guillermo Bazzola, guitarra/guitar)

*  Being unarmed, young Victor Frente Vital was brought down by 150 members of the police force. (February 1999). As many in his same situation, he lived in the fringes and was executed. His mother, Sabina Sotello, is part of the Coordinating Organization against Police Repression.

** Kultrun: Small drum of the Araucanian Indians, instrument of invocation. Chief Panguithruz Güor, also known as Mariano Rosas died in August of 1877. His desecrated remains could only be returned to his land one hundred and twenty-three years later. This is another of the many abuses against the Mapuche people.

*** Yavoray, del guaraní: Guarani for tangle or mess. "Yavoray Head" means a hard or messed-up-headed person. In Argentina, a country of 36 million inhabitants, 12 million live in the Greater Buenos Aires area, with the rest of the population spreading throughout 1 million, 73 thousand square miles.

Dedicated to:
To Benita, the housemaid whose only asset were her golden teeth; to that Mapuche poet who constructs verses from 100 words; to the Yavoray head whose family is dependant on his bricklayer's wages; to Víctor "Frente" Vital, one of the many dead sons of the many brave Sabinas (1200 and counting); to trying to imagine the wise old age of Orchid, my spiritual mentor, to Guillermo's sleeplessness, to the water, the music, the willows and all the green in this world; to these being the last days of "Devil Number Six" and for aesthesia against so much anesthesia.


Some reviews:

By César Pradines
La Nación "Planeta Jazz" - 2/21/04

Tonight, vocalist Eleonora Eubel presents her newest show: "Other voices" accompanied by an outstanding duet: Marcelo Gutfraind (guitar) and Julián Montauti (bass). She is performing songs from "Esthesia", an excellent work.

By Ricardo Saltón
Ámbito Financiero - 2/3/04
"Eubel: protest in English"

Vocalist Eleonora Eubel is an atypical case in the prosperous jazz media of Argentina. She recorded her first album "Full Moon", in 2000, according to conventional jazz patterns. But in her last album "Esthesia", she chose to include exclusively her own compositions....

Rolling Stone - Magazine - Nº 69/ December 2003
Ranking R. Stone - Argentina:
"Best jazz album of the year 2003"

1. Eleonora Eubel "Esthesia"
The argentine jazz- scene did not have something like this. Eubel sings her own compositions with lyrics written in English, which talk about the social reality in Argentina and shows that swing and
compromise can go hand in hand.

Revista XXIII - 10/16/03 -
By Miguel Russo
"La dama rea del jazz" - Esthesia " The heavy - lady of jazz"

Only she, E. Eubel could have the courage to sing jazz in English in Argentina, because “it’s the language of Jazz, the music which offers vast spaces for freedom" in her own words she tells us stories about the suffering of the real owners of this land. With an incomparable voice in the genre and accompanied by a remarkable trio and guests, Eubel also shows her solid talent as a composer.
... By hearing Eubel one can understand that culture and globalization are not only impositions of amounts and merchandising.

By Humphrey Inzillo
Rolling Stone Magazine - Nr. 64 July 2003

The quality of the music, including the beautiful version of Stevie Wonder´s "The secret life of plants", demands careful listening and guarantees pleasure...

By Carlos Iglesias
Caminos de Música -
- Esthesia - "Anesthesia Not"

... Eleonora´s exquisit songs , ... Lots of swing and sensibility!


Eleonora Eubel: voice
Miguel Fernández Tarzia: acoustic & electric guitar
Jerónimo Carmona: bass
Carlos Brandán: drums
Enrique Norris: trumpet
Arrangements: Eleonora Eubel + Trío
Produced by: Eleonora Eubel
Recorded by: Gervasio Goris
Estudios Neworld, Vte.López, Argentina, julio/agosto 2002
Masterized by Sebastián Mellino
Design: Daniel Trajtemberg
Photo: Enrique Abbate
Distribution: Gobi Music
Contacto/ contact:

All songs by E. Eubel, except: Nr 2 E. Eubel and Guillermo Bazzola. Nr. 3 by Ann Ronell, Nr.8 by Stevie Wonder