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Espejos de Agua

Without leaving aside the interpretative freedom that Jazz, whether traditional or contemporary have provided, she takes rhythms and sounds from the South American folklore to bring us her next recording project ESPEJOS DE AGUA (Mirrors of water).
Eubel sings in Spanish now, borrows some words form Mapuche (language of the native people of southern Argentina). This allows her to sing the Blues in her own language and natural sense of esthetics, while building, with music and lyrics, an imagery which travels across the history and landscape of her land.
Having water as a recurrent presence, appearing either rough or deeply still, or as a mirror in which her musical heritage is reflected. Eleonora improvises and plays with her voice, together with some of the most talented local musicians of the new generation:

Reviews: Espejos de Agua

01- Canto rodado (2: 46) (Gravel)
02- Kultrun (3: 22) (as "Kultrun" at Esthesia)
03- Siesta (4: 17) (Siesta)
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04- Carnaval encendido (2: 31) (A Glowing Carnival)
05- Obelisco.Cero (4: 08) (Obelisc. Zero)
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06- Los árboles míos (3: 54) (My trees)
07- El distinto (3: 39) (The Different One)
08- El secreto de los peces (5: 36) (The Secret of the Fish)
09- Demasiado rápido (4: 37) (as "Running for your Love" at Full Moon)
10- Babies of Babylon (5: 37)
11- Diurno (4: 38) (as "Daylight" at Esthesia)
12- Tus ojos (3: 01) (Your eyes)
13- Huayno del pozo (2: 12)
(Well song)

(all lyrics in Spanish except Babies of Babylon)


Eubel + TRIO
Marcelo Gutfraind, guitar
Julián Montauti, bass
Carto Brandán, drums
Eleonora Eubel, vocals & melodica
Mario Gusso, percussion at: 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 &13
Raúl Francés, choirs at 2
Words & music by Eleonora Eubel
Arrangements, Eubel + TRIO
Recorded and edited by Javier Suárez
Mixed and mastered by Ernesto Dmitruk
Recording Studio, Salguero 66 - Buenos Aires - Argentina, Feb. 2006
Produced by Eleonora Eubel
Photography: Andrea Saslavsky, Horacio Sbaraglia, Gustavo Sosa
Makeup by Lola de Ortúzar
Graphic design, Damián Pais
Recording Studio, Salguero 66 - Buenos Aires - Argentina, Feb. 2006
Editor, Fernando Lerman